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Today marks one month ’til our due date. Which means that this is actually going to happen soon, and there’s plenty left to do. Lots of things that don’t really need to be already done with a month to go, but do need to be considered and done soon in case the baby comes early.

Things like stocking the freezer with 2-person servings of cooked rice and beans. Things like stocking up on non-perishables (peanut butter, etc) and toilet paper and the like. When 30 days remain until the due date, amazon will discount some of the things on our registry, so tomorrow I’ll be placing a sizable order on cloth diapers, lanolizer for all things wool, a few more packs of disposable diapers for the first few days and for traveling/lazy times, another wet bag for dirty diaper storage, etc. 

Things like then boiling and washing all of the cloth diapers and lanolizing the diaper covers. Things like washing all of the baby clothes we have. Things like confirming our pediatrician. 

Next Thursday is our 36 week appointment with the midwives. They both come, along with their apprentice, and tour the house, request lists of Things They Need to Know (where to find kitchen/bathroom/linen-y things, any quirks about the house, emergency contacts of all kinds), tell me what labor signs to look for and when to call them, etc, etc. I haven’t nested, per se, but I have been trying to keep the house relatively clean. Whether it’s instinctive or not, I think everything probably should get another good scrubbing before the Baby Time. 

What else? I don’t even know. What will we need? What will we want? What will I want? I know what advice I’ve been given. I know what I think I’ll want. But I can’t know how I’ll feel. I can’t know what the next six months will be like. Every baby is different, they say, as is every birth. And I know that every store won’t close and the world won’t stop the moment it happens – I know I can always go out – or send Mark out – and get something I’ve forgotten or didn’t know I wanted. I know that I can get ANYTHING off the internet. I just want to be prepared now, you know?

But the baby’s room is pretty much done. My studio things have been moved – the crafty supplies now hidden in the dining room, my desk and writing things nestled into the guest room. We’re getting there.


As for the present moment. I still feel delightfully good. The mood swings still threaten when I don’t sleep enough or get enough yoga. My hips creak a little when I roll over in bed. But mostly, I’m free of aches, pains, complaints. I’m still working the same schedule I’ve been working since pre-pregnancy. The belly is bigger every week, but still not unwieldy. My feet aren’t swollen. I do excuse myself to the ladies room rather more often than usual, but it’s habit now just to go before I leave anywhere, even if I don’t need to.

Mark is officially disturbed by watching the baby move. The sight of my belly moving and shifting makes him think of the Alien movies. He’s not a fan of seeing that on his wife. I’m used to it now. What’s new is that the baby seems to be feeling more confined than before (which makes sense, given how quickly it’s putting on weight), so the movements seem to be more boundary-testing. I’m definitely getting more kicks to my ribs than I have been.

I suppose that’s all for the moment. Will definitely keep you posted…


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