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Hanging Together 


Hey everybody! I just rolled over!


How cool is that?


“Boop!” Sam’s favorite game.


A running kiss from Big Brother Thomas? Greatest thing ever!


Some brotherly “Boop!”


Snuggle? Smother? Nothing but fun.


Couple bros hanging out




Rocknroll hands


Snuggling and reading



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Weekly Squish 

Getting big fast 


Peanut butter and jelly for a two-year-old who looks six


First good scars, full speeed on a gravel road


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Weekly Squish

Finishing off early May 

Samuel or Kingpin?


Testing his lungs


Three friends


…feeding goats


Cruising downtown with Dad


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Weekly Squish

Trying to make up for a few missed weeks.  

Snuggling and reading together on 4/30
 Not everyone enjoys it

  But books are great

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