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Sunday Morning 


Chopping wood for Thanksgiving cozyness. Safety first


Apparently, Thomas propped up his big brother book so he could fall asleep looking at it.


Bridge for the mail truck with vegetable store “like at the farm” attached




“Wadda you lookin’ at?”


All the toys


And basket



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Catching up


A little fun with the plants after hop harvest


Sweet potato burrito for Sam


Building an Eiffel Tower


Nothing but fun


Massive Lincoln Log bridge for the car transporter


Sam’s first mohawk


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First Day of School 



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Fun from Portland, OR. 

Welcome to Portland


Yes, this is only half the sandwich. Yes, he ate both halves.


First meal, guacamole from a food truck in Portland, NE


Forest Park


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Dada Time

While Mom’s away, the boys will play. Mom started her new job in Boston last week, so we’ve had some man time lately. 


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Hanging Together 


Hey everybody! I just rolled over!


How cool is that?


“Boop!” Sam’s favorite game.


A running kiss from Big Brother Thomas? Greatest thing ever!


Some brotherly “Boop!”


Snuggle? Smother? Nothing but fun.


Couple bros hanging out




Rocknroll hands


Snuggling and reading


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Weekly Squish 

Getting big fast 


Peanut butter and jelly for a two-year-old who looks six


First good scars, full speeed on a gravel road


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